Monday, May 9, 2011

Funny Photo Monday-Awkward Family Photos

"Andy still doesn’t know that Angela’s having an affair with Dwight. And it’s been seventeen days. I mean, eventually he’ll figure it out, when their kids have giant heads and beet-stained teeth. But right now it’s just…awkward." -Jim, The Office
It’s Monday! So it’s time for the Funny Photos to start our Week off with a smile. These had me laughing so hard. I am such a fan of the Awkward Family Photos website. I love the captions they put up too, they’re brilliant. Go check them out for more laughs. Here are just a few that I thought needed to be shared with you all.
I just love this one. How bad would you feel about your height when Dad says, here kid, go stand on this book so we can see you in the picture.
Can we say inferiority complex? What kind of man would agree to this?
This is just horribly awkward. Gran and Gramps in their skivvies with the whole crew. Was this strip poker gone wrong?
This is LOL cat hell!!

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  1. You need to update your blog! I miss reading it!